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Changing the World, One Smile at a Time

We have been working hard since 1988 to provide you with solutions only the best orthodontist San Ramon has available can deliver. Here at Bigman Orthodontics, we specialize in straightening smiles, but we keep in mind our commitment to helping individuals. You and your family are what matters most to us.

We work closely with each patient to continue doing the work that's already resulted in over 12,000 beautiful, lasting, and healthy smiles that boost the confidence of young kids and adults alike. Please, make sure to get in contact with our team to find out more ways in which our team can help you fix your smile and deliver personalized treatment that helps you achieve all your goals as efficiently as possible.

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Trustworthy + Caring Orthodontist

Meet Dr. Sandy Bigman

Dr. Bigman is happy to serve as the best orthodontist San Ramon has available. He is a board-certified orthodontist with a long record of success using traditional metal braces and Invisalign clear aligners to help treat the bad bites of over 10,000 patients. Dr. Bigman loves transforming smiles through orthodontics and is ready to give you and your child personalized care for a one-of-a-kind smile.

Dr. Bigman is a family man who loves to help his patients achieve a smile they can be proud of. He first started working as a general dentist who knew just how to help children and teenagers get used to the idea of dental treatment and make them feel excited about improving their smiles.

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There is No Age Limit for Orthodontics!

Here at Bigman Orthodontics, you'll find the help of a team that can work on a treatment plan that delivers age-appropriate treatment. Check out more solutions for each age group below.

Orthodontics for Kids

Children should visit an orthodontist by age 7 because it will help guide their dental development as their primary teeth fall off and permanent ones come in to avoid additional complications with dental alignment. Children's dental structures are still in development, which means an orthodontist can spot any signs of developing orthodontic problems and plan a treatment that will help address those needs.

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Orthodontics for Teens

Teenagers are ideal candidates because the early teenage years are usually the time when permanent teeth are growing in and can be moved around to fix alignment issues. Besides, teenagers can greatly benefit from orthodontics as this treatment helps maintain good oral health and improve the look of a teenager's smile, boosting their confidence.

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Orthodontics for Adults

Adults might feel apprehensive about starting treatment this late in the game, but the truth is that there is no age limit, meaning you can start whenever you feel prepared. Adults might also consider orthodontics because teeth move around as we age, so even if you had a perfectly straight smile, you might now have crooked teeth or be dealing with the aftermath of an accident that moved your teeth around. Adult orthodontic treatment is now more popular than ever. Get in touch with us for consultation.

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