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About San Ramon Custom Mouthguard

Are you looking for a mouthguard that really works for you? Are you tired of trying devices that feel loose and fall off as soon as you open your mouth? Well, the idea is to find an appliance that will protect your teeth and not be a bother while you wear it.

As the best orthodontist San Ramon residents have available, Dr. Bigman pays close attention to all the little things that can help everyone have a better experience with orthodontics.

San Ramon Custom Mouthguard Treatment

As you well know, orthodontics in San Ramon is all about realigning teeth to give you a beautiful and healthy smile. But when you have a full set of metal brackets and wires bonded to your teeth, it's understandable to get worried about safety, especially if you play contact sports.

Adults and teenagers undergoing orthodontic care should get a mouthguard for braces and prevent damage to their teeth, lips, and cheeks.


Why Are Mouthguards Important When Wearing Braces?

Using a mouthguard can help prevent most cases of additional lacerations or cuts if you're accidentally hit by a ball or another player. If you wish to protect your teeth, you should consider getting a mouthguard.

Many patients choose to start their San Ramon orthodontic treatment with traditional metal braces. These durable and reliable appliances can become a problem for players of contact sports, so we recommend the use of mouthguards that can protect their teeth from direct trauma.

Ironically, because your teeth are held together by a stainless steel wire and tiny anchors (each bracket serves as an anchor point), it's less probable you'll lose a tooth if you receive a direct impact to your mouth, but the friction can still hurt the soft tissues, such as lips and cheeks.

How to Find the Right Mouthguard in San Ramon

Patients should prioritize a good fit over any other bells and whistles. There are several over-the-counter options, boil-and-bite, or microwave-and-bite options you can get at a local store or online, but we would advise against many of those products.

Instead, get in touch with a San Ramon orthodontist for a custom-made mouthguard you can take with you and avoid any problems next time you go play a match or enter a competition while you're wearing braces.

Work with us to help you find the right fit or re-fit a mouthguard that will keep your teeth and braces in top shape.

A Mouth Guard for Teeth Grinding & Clenching

Tooth protection is not just for sports or playtime. Indeed, many patients require mouthguards because their teeth are at risk of considerable damage. And the worse part is that they're not fully aware of the risk they're in.

Teeth grinding and clenching your teeth at night may cause significant wear to your teeth without you noticing. Much of this happens at night when we think we're asleep. The reality, however, is that the accumulated stress of our work and daily routines makes us clench our teeth and grind them.

A nighttime mouthguard can help you prevent the damage caused by teeth grinding and clenching. Contact us to ask for your custom-made mouthguard.

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