Adult Orthodontics – Can It Help With Sleep Apnea and Crooked Teeth?

Health care is not a luxury; oral health is part of your health care. You cannot let dental care slip under the rug. Dentistry and orthodontics are constantly put in second place since people consider them expensive and superficial.

Expensive, yes, it can be but not necessarily. Superficial? Never. Orthodontic treatment is more than straightening smiles to boost your confidence -the self-esteem boost is a plus. Orthodontics is necessary for your well-being since it translates into something positive for your overall health.

Orthodontics is not age-restrictive for adults either. Small children are the only ones exempted from orthodontic treatment because their teeth and bones are still developing. However, adults do not need to wait to correct any dental issues.

Adult dentures can be harder to treat since their teeth and mouth are already structured. Nevertheless, thinking this fact implies that older people can’t fix their crooked teeth or their crowded smiles is wrong. The only real difference is in the treatment length because, in adults, it tends to last longer.

Again, the importance of orthodontics is not on the appearance part. Orthodontic treatment is as important for adults as it is for teenagers because a healthy mouth can prevent infections, mandible pain, cavities, and headaches. People feel uncomfortable with bad breath -imagine what it would be like to live with these.

Adult Orthodontics in San Ramon

The fact that orthodontics works through mechanics makes it possible for the process to be similar in most cases without age concerns. However, a few things vary when the patient is 12 years old and when it is 40 years old.

The main distinction regards the number of procedures done on an adult denture. Everything is brand new with kids’ teeth -they have not gotten any cavities or gum disease. The jawbones are still developing, which means easier to move.

Another point of significance is related to the previous procedures an adult mouth has had. It is very rare to find a kid with implants or dental wear, and these are important things to take into consideration while designing a treatment plan.

Something positive about adults under orthodontic treatment is that, since they are grown-ups, they tend to deal much better with indications, restrictions, and discomfort than most children. Believe it or not, this can make the treatment process a lot smoother.

Orthodontists get fewer broken and loose brackets from adult patients. Grown-ups also tend to have better oral hygiene habits, which diminish the risk of gingivitis during treatment. Having gum disease while wearing orthodontic appliances can threaten your progress.

Orthodontic Options for Adults

Since adults count on mature jaws, the treatment options are high. Adults can wear braces from metal to ceramic and lingual. They can wear clear aligners, retainers, and all sorts of orthodontic appliances.

Of course, your San Ramon orthodontist will have their say in the list of alternatives, but you can relax because at least you can be a candidate for more than one orthodontic appliance.

Metal Braces, Ceramic Braces, and Lingual Braces

Conventional braces work the same for everybody. You get archwires and brackets cemented onto your teeth. The treatment may include elastic bands, spacers, or other functional appliances as well.

San Ramon Clear ceramic braces do the work the exact same way as traditional brackets. The main differences are the resistance and the discretion factor.

Now, lingual braces are an adult alternative. Your orthodontist attaches brackets to the back of your teeth, making them almost invisible to the eye.

Clear Aligners Treatment

This is the newest technology in orthodontics. Adults are the best candidates for treatment with Invisalign. You can trust plastic aligners to straighten your smile. The materials and the procedures are reliable as well.

Your orthodontist can correct mild malocclusion problems with clear aligners such as overbite, diastemas, crowded teeth, and more.

A great point about clear alignment treatment is that some brands offer the possibility of having the treatment at home. You get your print kit, 3D scanners, and molds by mail. If you move to a different city or want to travel, you can have your checkups online and everything.

Other Problems That Require Adult Orthodontics

Just as children and teens have particular dental issues going on, so do adults. Over time, some people develop problems like sleep apnea, or as doctors call it, temporomandibular disorder (TMD).

The link between sleep apnea and dental care may not be obvious, but it’s real. Bruxism, another dental issue many adults face, can indicate a sleep disorder. The thing is, among its numerous symptoms, tooth grinding (bruxism) has direct effects on a person’s rest.

The principal causes of TMD link to the jawbones and airways, and that’s why most alternatives to solve the problem come from dentists who are experts in sleep apnea. The mandibular advanced splint is one of many dental appliances doctors recommend to treat sleep disorders.

A temporomandibular joint dysfunction can have severe consequences on your dental and overall health. Problems like bruxism can result in a higher risk of tooth decay and gum receding. You should address this type of issue promptly.

Orthodontists for Adults in San Ramon, CA

Remember to schedule an appointment for your annual checkup. Your teeth will thank you.

If you have further questions about what to do about sleep disorders or snoring problems in adults, our dental experts will be happy to help.